I like Vinyl Records, Streaming and I play instruments

I’ve been having a hard time explaining my love for music to myself, and I think that in retrospect this causes some issues with my mind to make itself realize I love music.

I know this is a weird issue to encounter. You might say,” You play instruments and listen to all types of audio formats and records, what’s the deal dude?”

But part of the difficulty in being an instrumentalist (I play some guitar, bass, and drums as well as the Native American flute) is learning to distinguish between listening to and consuming music and playing and practicing music. The reason for the difficulty, at least for me, lies in the way I consume music and the way I play music.

When I consume music, I listen to it as a close-minded individual. I tend to consume the same records and albums I’ve been listening to for years now, the same revolving door of bands I’ve known for so long. While this is an alright approach for most people who listen to music, because I want to learn to dissect and listen to music in a more journalistic or honest sense, I need to learn to consume music in a better, more widely diverse and directional way.

In the same sense, however, I find myself as a music performer/player to be overly critical of certain instrumental sections of compositions, whether sung or not.

Therefore, I’ve decided that for my new years resolution for the year, I will listen to around 750 new composers, artists, bands and musicians. Intensively, though. I want to stop being a lazy bastard and start actually doing what I’ve set out to do for the last several years.

I’ll likely compile a list of bands and share them here on the blog, however don’t expect the list till next week. I have a long way to go before I have a substantial number of bands to write about.

Also I might start making videos too…

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