Voyager Releases Track from New Upcoming Album

Australian progressive metal band Voyager have once again bestowed us with a brand new track from their upcoming album Colours in the Sun. The song “Colours” showcases the usual breakdown riffs common in Voyager songs while also introducing heavy synth wave influences alongside the metal portions of the song.

I’ve been listening to Voyager only since their last release The Ghost Mile, however I’ve grown fond of their older albums since then. While The Ghost Mile had a very heavy and collected demeanor to it, this new album seems to be based more on a retro throwback similar to what bands such as Syd Arthur and Nektar are doing, only (of course) heavier.

This upcoming album will likely be relying heavily on this throwback style with metal as an experiment, and I’m hoping that it pays off in the form of a big tour and new proggy songs to sing in the shower.

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